Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! thats hilarious i love it. Ithat reminds me of something. i'm hispanic and married a white boy. His mom and dad are looking for a house to buy and the other day they were telling us about the homes they went to look at and why they Didn't like any of them. His dad says, "That neighborhood was all mexicans and low class people."

captphrank said...

HAHAHAHAAAAA!... that is Funny... I'm sooo Glad you can laugh at this Anonymous...It shows your a Better person...You Go Girl!...capt.

Artwork by Norval said...

Like it Frank. Reverse, even though through geneology in the last few years I have found out I'm one eighth Spanish and Chereokee, with a name like Arbogast people think I'm Hitler's cousin.

LorrieM said...

Hi Phrank, just came by to read your journal blog again. Read the wedding story. At the end of August, it will be 38 years for me and my husband. I can't believe time has gone by so fast. I must say we stayed together through thick and thin. There were many "thins" and still are but somehow things work out. He's working in Hawaii right now after looking for work and not finding it here in Ca. Now Hawaii is where I am too! Can't complain at all! I have gratitude! Our son is taking care of our house so it works out well. I wish the newly wed couple luck for the future. Hopefully they were just nervous.

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